About Us

Best Weed Delivery are a group of marijuana experts who have come together to make this website and to devote themselves to the cannabis plant and to the recreational and medical consumers across the country who use it.  We are a trusted resource for all aspects of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana knowledge.  As cannabis experts we know that many people still just don’t have the information they need to make informed decisions about cannabis – whether they should use it, where they should buy it, what kind they should use and how they can consume it.

We provide important information to consumers of all kinds in the form of blogs on all kinds of cannabis and weed related topics, answer any questions you might have about how to buy marijuana, we break it all down from the many different varieties of strains available on the marketplace today. We go into further detail, answering all your questions – everything from what strain is best for you if you have a particular medical condition, to extensive details on the best edibles for sale from coast to coast and any other questions you might have about online marijuana dispensaries.   If there is anything you need to know and you can’t find it here feel free to ask, you just might find the answer in next week’s blog!

Whether you are a newbie to cannabis, a senior looking into what all this CBD stuff is all about anyway, or a cannafan looking for the dankest dank, we have the answers to your questions.  Our marijuana experts have put it all together for you right here.   Best Weed Delivery is a leading source of trusted marijuana details online.   Even with all the conversation about marijuana there is these days – and it seems like you can’t go a a day without hearing about it – there remains a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and outright misinformation about the marketplace today. Come here to get all your questions answered – you’ll leave educated – and we will lead you to the finest cannabis and weed products in the country.  We know how important it is to make informed decisions about the things you put in your body – and  Here at Best Weed Delivery, you are our priority – and we do everything to can to make YOU an expert, too!  Trust us for all of your marijuana information needs.