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Sing A Song For Stoners

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In recent blogs we have examined media representation of cannabis and cannabis consumers with a focus on film and TV. Today in an episode we are calling Sing A Song For Stoners we are talking about marijuana in music. So before you order weed online Calgary to Toronto and all points in between, turn up the volume and check out youtube or itunes for some great weed tunes. Of course when it comes to music and marijuana most peoples minds turn to reggae, the music of the Carribbean. Of course, the legendary Bob Marley is the holy grail when it comes to musicians known for not only smoking marijuana, but for singing about it. Bob Marley’s smiling face , the bright colors of Jamaica’s flag superimposed on top of it with the giant joint in his mouth is an ubiquitous image on college campuses for good reason.

Peter Tosh, an original member of Bob Marley’s band, The Wailers, also made his mark with some of the best known cannabis music of all time including the classic, “Legalize It!” a much loved song including the lyrics, “Legalize it, and I will advertise it….” Well in Canada these days those words sound a little ironic. After all – the government did legalize it! But you still aren’t allowed to advertise it, due to hard to understand regulations. Afroman’s Because I Got High is another crowd favourite, a silly funny take on the stoner life! Hits From The Bong by Cypress Hill is another big favourite among those who love the plant. Here in Canada, rapper Classified has done a couple of weed themed songs, and those who remember the 420s and the GMMs – Global Marijuana March- will remember Classified tunes blaring from the flatbed truck leading the parade. Just a month before legalization in fall 2018, Classified released a follow up video to his original Canadian cannabis classic.

Legal Marijuana, featured a video recorded in Toronto in August of 2018 that featured a group of a couple of hundred extras who had volunteered to spend the day filming their appearance in the music video – including not just fans of the recording artist but influential members of the Canadian cannabis community who spent the day singing lyrics on the hill and insisting on smoking their own joints of real cannabis instead of the fake ones producers were trying to hand out.

Cannabis Industry Jobs – Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Delivery Partner?

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Recently we did an examination of some potential jobs in the cannabis industry. We spoke about budtenders, about master growers, and about some ancillary jobs serving the cannabis dispensary. Of course, we only touched on the possibilities. Over the next weeks and even months we will be doing a deeper dive into cannabis industry jobs, speaking to some of the people who do the work, examining the roles of the many different people that make this new industry work, serving millions of Canadians. Because so many people now order weed online, Calgary to Quebec, BC to Nova Scotia, one of the job opportunities that has become much more available in recent years is the job of delivery driver.

With door to door weed delivery, mail order and same day weed delivery depending on where the customer is located, opportunity has exploded for both full time workers and gig workers in this part of the cannabis sector. Especially in these days of repeated lockdowns, stay at home orders, retail stores with limited hours, and curbside pickup, cannabis door to door delivery has become more popular than it ever was before – and it has always been popular! So for those who are interested in delivering more than Uber Eats – you might want to investigate whether a job as a cannabis delivery driver is right for you. The first thing to know, is that this is a position that requires you to be trustworthy. If you can check off that box, and have a driver’s license, and the temperament for it, it is worth looking into. You want to apply with a company like ours that has a reputation for the best weed delivery. It is important to work for a company that values it’s front line employees. After all, they are the faces the customers see.

Our delivery partners are among the industry’s very best, and there very well might be a spot for you on our team! If you think you have what it takes, do what you would do for any other job- put your resume together, explain your skills that are relevant to the position – and get your resume out there! You just might drive yourself right into the dream job of a lifetime! You never know where you will end up! 

is it legal to order weed online in Canada?

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Buy Weed Online

We have heard that Canadians talk so much about weed and cannabis before and since legalization that the country should be called Canada! And while that’s a funny joke there’s some truth to the matter and yet still not everybody knows everything there is to know about weed and cannabis.  We know that its a fact that a lot of people still have questions and a lot of people from across the country come to order weed online Calgary, Canada to British Columbia to Toronto to the East Coast and what they’re finding is the best weed on shelves anywhere across the country.

Yes, those who come online to find the best weed delivery also find that they actually also found the very best weed available in the country. From coast to coast we make sure that we only stock the very best and also we answer any question you might have whether it’s about our products or about how to order weed online or about weed delivery or just about weed and cannabis or the cannabis culture in general. We know a lot of people are still new to cannabis since legalization 2 years ago and the lack of stigma as old notions fall away more and more people are coming to the plant whether they are using it for recreational purposes or for medical purposes to take away aches and pains or help them sleep or to ease the anxiety that so many of us are feeling these days.

Whatever brought you to us we are happy you are here and we are happy to answer any questions you might have so feel free to read all of our blogs and updates and if there’s information that you need the you don’t find here feel free to ask and then follow along to find the answers.  We frequently answer reader questions. Visit our menu and you will be astounded at the range of incredible products that we have to offer and that’s not all –  when you recommend us to your family and friends you unlock even more surprises bonuses and benefits and incentives.  Our customer service is second to none and our delivery partners are the very best – we promise you will not be disappointed we’re glad you’re here and we want you to come back.  So you can be assured that we are always going to treat you right.. Don’t delay, don’t hesitate order today. 

Online Dispensary; a new way to order marijuana

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Popular Cannabis Strains

 It’s incredible to reflect on how things have changed so dramatically when it comes to the cannabis plant in Canada. At one time the only way to get weed was to grow it while hiding it and hoping nobody would find out! Today in dramatic contrast to those dark days of prohibition, every Canadian household can order weed online– Calgary, to Toronto to British Columbia to Nova Scotia and all points in between!

The method of delivery is completely different to at one time you probably be meeting your local dealer at the coffee shop waiting hours for him to show up these days your order process is much more safe secure and reliable simply visit a website of a trusted weed delivery service That you think is the best weed delivery choose from their extensive menu place your order and sit back and wait for their trusted delivery to come straight to your door you never have to worry that you won’t be able to access cannabis product anymore.

It’s especially important to those who use cannabis for medical purposes but even those who never got a prescription often find they are using marijuana effectively in the place of big pharma drugs for things like killing pain or finding sleep through insomnia. Even people who have never tried cannabis before are opening their minds to the possibilities now that this stigma has been reduced Since we have a reputation as the best weed delivery in the province we often hear from newby’s with questions about how candidates might affect them we are happy to answer any questions we can come back often and read our regular blogs with new information being added all the time.

Also, remember to come back often to examine our menu we’re always adding new and wonderful products to the shelves. And if you’re not sure what to try why not try more than wind and see what works for you we offer every possible product related to cannabis and it pal is your favorite we have the best indica strains, the best sativa strains and of course your favorite hybrids! We recommend that you try them all until you find the type of strain that works the best for you And if you prefer to eat your cannabis we have all kinds of gourmet edibles or buy bud and cook with cannabis yourself today!

How Online Dispensaries are Becoming the Best Weed Delivery

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Best Weed Delivery

Yes – Canadians talk a lot about weed, that’s for sure. They compare their favourite strains, they talk about the rollout of legalization and it’s limitations, they share medical experiences with the plant. They talk about whether the government run stores are getting it right There has been a lot of conversation across the country since legalization in Canada in 2018 among cannabis dispensaries users of all ages about what is the very best way to order cannabis online today especially in the age of shelter at home instructions from governments and health departments. When it comes to order weed online, Calgary or across Alberta or across the country for that matter everyone agrees that the very best weed delivery services are the ones that you find online.

Not only are among the very best but we have also developed an excellent reputation for product service and unparalleled customer experience . Our loyal customers regularly tell their weed loving family and friends about us to share the benefits and we thank them for doing that with regular specials, surprises and incentives of all kinds! One of the best things about ordering weed online is the varied menu that we can offer – vastly superior compared to any retail store in the country – they just don’t have the shelf space to offer the many products that we can offer ! Whether you prefer fine flower – bud – or you prefer extracts- rosin, live rosin, hash, shatter or budder – we have superior products that you’ll be glad to share with your family and friends if you are a recreational user and if you are a medical user of cannabis you will find lots of excellent products that will help whatever your ailment is. If you need to sleep, if you need pain relief, we have strains that fit every need – and if you have any questions feel free to ask or comeback regularity to check our blogs for all kinds of information.

People of all ages and demographics are using cannabis for all kinds of reasons and they have all learned that choosing to order weed online and having it delivered straight to your door without any hassles at all is the most convenient option especially now when most of us are staying at home and only going out when we have to. We are glad to be of service and happy to fill all of your cannabis needs.

How to Buy Weed Online in Canada

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Buy Weed Online

If you are looking for information on how to order weed online you will notice that you have a lot of different choices and they all say that they are the very best but how do you know for sure that you are not only getting product that is of the best quality available but that you are using an online weed dispensary that has your best interests and heart, one that you can trust with your financial information and trust to send quick delivery to your door.  When it comes to online weed delivery most people tell us that the number one concern is ease of ordering and the delivery process.

We can promise that you have the very best cannabis grown across the country and that we pride ourselves on being the very best online cannabis dispensary available anywhere in Canada.  No matter what it is that you are looking for we can promise you the very best – we have edibles, topicals, creams, vape pens, shatter, rosin, and of course the very best dankest most awesome bud you could ever want to bring to the party (or put in your pipe for medical use.)  And when it comes to marijuana delivery, you can be absolutely sure that the trust you put in our drivers is well places.  Within twenty four hours of placing your order you will have one of our trusted drivers at your door.

Check back regularly and we will have regular updates, blogs, details and all kinds of information about your very favourite cannabis products and some you probably have not tried yet! Whether you are using cannabis for recreational or medical purposes, we can promise you that our cannabis dispensary is the very bet online marijuana dispensary you can possibly find anywhere and we are always available to answer any questions you might have.  Thank you for making us your home on the web for trusted mariuana delivery.   If there is a strain that you have heard of that you have not had the pleasure of trying yet, chances are we have it or can get it if you tell us your dream strains! In the meantime make sure to check out our amazing varied menu – we know that you will not be disappointed!!  Remember to bookmark us so  that you always know were to come when you need cannabis related information and product! 

More Popular Cannabis Strains to try for your recreational pleasure or medical needs

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Popular Cannabis Strains

What were we talking about again?   Amnesia, right.   Here are some more of the popular strains of cannabis to consider. One of the more popular strains many people have heard of is Green Crack. The sativa strain of Green Crack is a descendant of Skunk, while the Indica strain originates from Afghani.   Either strain contains high amounts of THC and produces a strong cerebral euphoria which is why it developed the name “Green Crack” to describe its potency. Chemdawg is a hybrid of Thai and Nepalese cannabis to create this unique strain which has been the parent to many other popular strains over the years like OG Kush and Sour Diesel,   Its name comes from its strong chemical like aroma and like Sour Diesel has a petrochemical odor to it that can’t be mistaken.  It has high THC potency and gives users a strong cerebral high.

Jack Herer is named after the world famous cannabis activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.   This sativa strain comes from amix of Haze, Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk in order to create a strain worthy of the name for which it represents. Originally engineered by the Dutch to be a medical grade cannabis strain in the Netherlands it has grown beyond the coffee shops of Amsterdam to be a favourite of growers around the world for the strains high potency and its unique cerebral euphoria. Jean Guy is a Canadian cannabis hybrid that is derived from the White Widow strain.
It also produces rich crystal trichomes on its buds once it has fully matured. Like its parent strain White Widow, Jean Guy is gaining a reputation around the world for its potent buds and intense euphoric effects as Canada’s favourite legal brand.

Lamb’s Bread also sometimes called Lamb’s Breath is a classic Jamaican sativa strain that was Bob Marley’s favourite ganja.  A staple of Jamaican ganja farmers for decades it is referenced throughout popular culture and is a part of cannabis history.  Another cannabis strain you may be familiar with from popular culture is Maui Wowie. This classic hawaiian sativa strain is popular for its tropical citrus flavour from being grown in Hawaii’s rich volcanic soil providing additional nutrients to its composition.    There are a myriad of cannabis strains to keep you busy trying for years – enjoy!

When people talk about cannabis you will often hear them ask is that Indica or Sativa

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Cannabis Dispensary Canada

When people talk about online cannabis dispensary you will often hear them ask is that Indica or Sativa, yet many people don’t understand the difference between these two types of cannabis. Originally coined by botanists seeking to classify differences between the different types of cannabis plants based on their various attributes and properties. Sativa has its origins with cannabis plants found more commonly in arid climates in the tropics that are subjected to long days of direct sunlight. Users report experiencing more of a cerebral high with Sativa which can help medical users increase their energy and ability to focus or help them to reduce anxiety.

Some of the more popular strains of Sativa are Sour Diesel, Bruce Banner,  Trainwreck, Jack Herer, and Acapulco Gold.

Indica has its origins with the cannabis plants that are native to areas from Turkey right across Asia to India where they have been bred perfect for the temperature.  Indica tends to grow faster than Sativa, and produces more buds although the plants are shorter in height and stockier than their Sativa cousins.  Indica plants can also produce much higher levels of CBD with some strains having a much higher CBD to THC ratio.   Users report experiencing greater physical effects with Indica and more of a body buzz which can help medical users to calm nerves, for relaxation, or for treating insomnia.  Some of the more popular strains of Indica are Afghan Kush, Northern Lights, MK Ultra, Purple Kush, Death Star, Kosher Kush, and OG Kush. Despite the differences between Indica and Sativa, there are many hybrids that incorporate the best elements of both to create new strains, tailored to suit the patient or recreational users expectations to deliver the correct ratio of THC/CBD and other essential cannabinoids and terpenes to the user.

Hybrids can be Indica dominant, Sativa dominant or balanced depending on the ratio of the elements incorporated from each plant in the hybrid strain.  Some of the more popular hybrids include strains such as Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, Wedding Cake, White Widow, Headband and Alien OG. When making your selection of which cannabis strain to purchase always take consider what effects you are anticipating to experience and which strain is best tailored to suit your own individual needs be they medical or simply recreational.  Everybody’s needs are different so take into consideration all these factors when determining which strain is right for you.

Cannabis concentrates are exactly what they sound like

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Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are exactly what they sound like. Concentrated cannabis extracted from the plant with solvents to produce a substance containing high concentrations of THC or CBD. There are many different names for concentrates -rosin, resin, wax, shatter, budder, and others but most people don’t know what the difference is. Concentrates are created using solvents in order to dissolve and extract the cannabinoids from the plant.  Different types of solvents can be used.  

Shatter is made by using butane as a solvent and can sometimes be referred to as BHO.  It can also be created using CO2 oil in the extraction process.  The substance created is hard and brittle and can “shatter” into pieces when broken apart, which is why it is called “Shatter”. It can vary in color  from a light yellow to darker brown.

Rosin is basically just like shatter only it is not produced using solvents.
It is created by pressuring cannabis flower or kief between two hot surfaces to extract the resin from the plant.  The extracted rosin will be of a translucent color similar to shatter, and a texture that is softer and sticky.
Resin or Live Resin, is produced relatively the same way as Rosin is except resin involves pressing buds that were frozen at cultivation between two hot surfaces.  Freezing the buds after harvest helps the plant retain all its cannabinoids and terpenes so the resin that is produced contains all the same cannabinoids and terpenes of the original cannabis plant source.
If the extract you are using doesn’t come in a vape pen cartridge already, you can do ‘dabs’ with it, using a dab rig.  A dab rig is just like any other pipe, with the exception of the bowl, instead it has a “nail” that is heated up in order to vaporize the dab.  Some devices heat the nail electronically like a vaporizer, but most require the nail to be heated manually using a blow torch.  The user places the dab on the hot nail and inhales the smoke just like a pipe, with no open flame.  Sort of like the way people used to do hot knives with hashish back in the day.

If you haven’t done dabs before, remember that the dose you inhale is highly concentrated, sometimes up to 99% THC.   A single dab can provide as much THC as a couple of joints at once.