Cannabis Industry Jobs – Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Delivery Partner?

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Recently we did an examination of some potential jobs in the cannabis industry. We spoke about budtenders, about master growers, and about some ancillary jobs serving the cannabis dispensary. Of course, we only touched on the possibilities. Over the next weeks and even months we will be doing a deeper dive into cannabis industry jobs, speaking to some of the people who do the work, examining the roles of the many different people that make this new industry work, serving millions of Canadians. Because so many people now order weed online, Calgary to Quebec, BC to Nova Scotia, one of the job opportunities that has become much more available in recent years is the job of delivery driver.

With door to door weed delivery, mail order and same day weed delivery depending on where the customer is located, opportunity has exploded for both full time workers and gig workers in this part of the cannabis sector. Especially in these days of repeated lockdowns, stay at home orders, retail stores with limited hours, and curbside pickup, cannabis door to door delivery has become more popular than it ever was before – and it has always been popular! So for those who are interested in delivering more than Uber Eats – you might want to investigate whether a job as a cannabis delivery driver is right for you. The first thing to know, is that this is a position that requires you to be trustworthy. If you can check off that box, and have a driver’s license, and the temperament for it, it is worth looking into. You want to apply with a company like ours that has a reputation for the best weed delivery. It is important to work for a company that values it’s front line employees. After all, they are the faces the customers see.

Our delivery partners are among the industry’s very best, and there very well might be a spot for you on our team! If you think you have what it takes, do what you would do for any other job- put your resume together, explain your skills that are relevant to the position – and get your resume out there! You just might drive yourself right into the dream job of a lifetime! You never know where you will end up! 

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