More Popular Cannabis Strains to try for your recreational pleasure or medical needs

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Popular Cannabis Strains

What were we talking about again?   Amnesia, right.   Here are some more of the popular strains of cannabis to consider. One of the more popular strains many people have heard of is Green Crack. The sativa strain of Green Crack is a descendant of Skunk, while the Indica strain originates from Afghani.   Either strain contains high amounts of THC and produces a strong cerebral euphoria which is why it developed the name “Green Crack” to describe its potency. Chemdawg is a hybrid of Thai and Nepalese cannabis to create this unique strain which has been the parent to many other popular strains over the years like OG Kush and Sour Diesel,   Its name comes from its strong chemical like aroma and like Sour Diesel has a petrochemical odor to it that can’t be mistaken.  It has high THC potency and gives users a strong cerebral high.

Jack Herer is named after the world famous cannabis activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.   This sativa strain comes from amix of Haze, Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk in order to create a strain worthy of the name for which it represents. Originally engineered by the Dutch to be a medical grade cannabis strain in the Netherlands it has grown beyond the coffee shops of Amsterdam to be a favourite of growers around the world for the strains high potency and its unique cerebral euphoria. Jean Guy is a Canadian cannabis hybrid that is derived from the White Widow strain.
It also produces rich crystal trichomes on its buds once it has fully matured. Like its parent strain White Widow, Jean Guy is gaining a reputation around the world for its potent buds and intense euphoric effects as Canada’s favourite legal brand.

Lamb’s Bread also sometimes called Lamb’s Breath is a classic Jamaican sativa strain that was Bob Marley’s favourite ganja.  A staple of Jamaican ganja farmers for decades it is referenced throughout popular culture and is a part of cannabis history.  Another cannabis strain you may be familiar with from popular culture is Maui Wowie. This classic hawaiian sativa strain is popular for its tropical citrus flavour from being grown in Hawaii’s rich volcanic soil providing additional nutrients to its composition.    There are a myriad of cannabis strains to keep you busy trying for years – enjoy!

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